I’m very pleased and proud to receive a Google Open Source Peer Bonus award. Yay!

Googler, Cameron Shorter, nominated me for my contributions to The Good Docs Project. Thank you Cameron!

The Good Docs Project

I was nominated for my contributions to The Good Docs Project, where we are creating technical writing templates to help other projects create high-quality documentation. I’m passionate about the work we’re doing there, and have been hanging around the project since its inception in 2019.

This is a friendly, inclusive community creating a safe space for folk to dip their toe into open source. We are global, and new folk are always welcome - please come and join in the fun!

What I love about open source

I love working in open source. It suits me down to the ground: I’m intrinsically motivated, I work well asynchronously, and I am passionate about building things!

Open source lets you work closely with experts who you might not normally get access to in a more traditional or siloed company. You know that people are turning up because they want to be there. And there is a shared understanding that people give what they can.

Other open source adventures

My first experience with open source was a DITA project I wrote back in 2014. Five years later I participated in the inaugural Google Season of Docs in 2019, during which I worked with OSGeo Live and first met Cameron.

When I’m not busy with The Good Docs Project, I help out in the Docs Team and Content Team for TYPO3 CMS, a mature open source project with a thriving community and ecosystem.

In my day job, I get to work with open source clients every day with Open Strategy Partners, a strategic tech-communications agency. We help open source projects (and technology companies) communicate the value of their products.

Thanks Google!

Thanks again Google, and Cameron, for this token of appreciation. I am grateful to receive it and will continue contributing for as long as I can.

It’s great that Google does their bit to support open work, helping non-Googlers to build and add to public tools and knowledge.