This is in response to The Editing podcast episode: 4 types of editing for 4 kinds of writer. I highly recommend listening to this podcast!
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Impatient writers: “You just want to get the darn thing out there and hope no one notices or cares about mistakes.”

My impatient writers are developers and subject matter experts.

Impatient writers are usually working to a deadline - to make a release announcement, write an upgrade guide or announce a security vulnerability. Their message is important and detailed.

This kind of writer benefits from fresh eyes. I help by polishing the text, ensuring the writing is clear and adheres to the style guide.

When you publish sloppy writing, it can damage your credibility as an author. On a broader level, it can impact the brand reputation of your business or open source project.

It’s a lost opportunity if you don’t get an editor to look at your work. It’s best if I can see it before it’s published, but I have been known to edit live content. 🙈