This is in response to The Editing podcast episode: 4 types of editing for 4 kinds of writer. I highly recommend listening to this podcast!
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I edit a lot of different kinds of writers. I’m not a one-size-fits-all editor (and really, is anyone? 🤔)

In my world, confident writers take the form of technical writers.

I like editing tech writers. I can go a bit deeper into the weeds - nerding out about language, words, and how they fit together. Knowing I’m with a like-minded soul is a comfortable place to be. But not a time to get complacent! I enjoy the challenge of having to work harder to add value. Whilst I do suggest changes, I usually don’t take a hard line. I’m quick to bow down to their authorly preferences.

An editor helps the confident writer by bringing a new perspective - being able to see the forest for the trees.

In the podcast, the confident writer is precious about their writing. “The idea of someone changing a comma makes them shudder”. These are difficult writers to edit. They never quite make it to ‘understanding’ on the feedback staircase. I’ve had my share of editing these kinds of writers - they push back every change, defending and explaining every choice. These folk aren’t interested in your editing skills. It is a thankless task to review their writing.


Most tech writers embrace the idea of someone reviewing their writing. They see the value of an editor because they themselves have experience editing others. And that’s what makes them a pleasure to edit.

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