This is in response to The Editing podcast episode: 4 types of editing for 4 kinds of writer. I highly recommend listening to this podcast!
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The reluctant writer: “Writing is not your thing. You wrestle words onto the page and everything looks and feels wrong.”

I edit a lot of different kinds of writers. Some who are writers-first, others who wouldn’t call themselves writers: UX designers, software developers, product managers. These are my reluctant writers.

When editing non-writers, tread gently - especially in open source where contributions are voluntary. The last thing you want to do is discourage a reluctant writer with pedantry and a mass of corrections.

  • An editor can help a reluctant writer by ensuring the writing is fit for purpose.
    🤓 Look at the bigger picture and understand the context.

  • Acting as a reader advocate, the editor can help with logic and flow.
    🤓 Rearrange sentences and paragraphs to tighten the narrative.

  • Be a friendly editor and look for opportunities to create teachable moments.
    🤓 Give thoughtful, constructive feedback.

The positivity pass is great for reluctant writers. As is a collaborative writing approach.

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