Tymoteusz shows us how to keep things digestible. The writing principles used here work together to make the article really consumable and scannable.

G’day! flicstar your friendly editor here. I help writers create great written content. Let me help you improve your writing by taking a look at what some others are doing really well.

I use editing codes to review articles and call out specific techniques for effective writing.

Today I looked at some writing by Tymoteusz Motylewski, who writes on typeshare.

📝 Use Open-Source To Fast-Track Your Programming Career, And Skip Being Junior

In my positivity pass on this article, I highlight a couple of principles that make it work:

  • WIIFM - The title clearly identifies why the reader should keep reading.
  • FLOW - The text is nicely structured to keep the eye moving down the page.
  • LIST - The text is organized with ordered and unordered lists to avoid a WALL of text.

🎉 Kudos to Tymoteusz for some great writing!

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