Blogstars is a series where I review articles written by tech bloggers and call out things they’ve done well, to help other bloggers improve their writing.

G’day! flicstar your friendly editor here. I help writers create great written content. Let me help you improve your writing by taking a look at what some others are doing really well.

I like making writers feel good 🤗 In this series, I do a Positivity Pass and use editing codes to review articles and call out specific techniques for effective writing.

  • Blogstar: Tahi
    Tahi shows us how to write authentically. Authentic voice is something to be prized - especially amidst the rise of AI content generators.
  • Blogstar: Ronald
    Ronald shows us how to write effective headings. Chunking your content and choosing consistent wording means your reader can confidently navigate your writing.
  • Blogstar: Josh
    Josh shows us how to treat the reader with respect. The writing principles on display here combine to make the reader feel knowledgeable while they are learning. Sneaky!
  • Blogstar: Yuri
    Yuri swears 🙊 and that’s okay. 👍 The writing principles on display here are some of the most fundamental — connecting with your readers through word choice to demonstrate empathy and build trust.
  • Blogstar: Justin
    Justin overcomes the curse of knowledge and writes simply to explain well. The writing principles shown here create a digestible technical-explainer.
  • Blogstar: Jordi
    Jordi shows us how to use narrative flow to keep us reading. The writing principles demonstrated here create a compelling article that is a pleasure to read.
  • Blogstar: Maxi
    Maxi shows us how to establish context. The principles used here quickly identify the article as part of a series - helping orient the reader and manage their expectations.
  • Blogstar: Tymoteusz Tymoteusz shows us how to keep things digestible. The writing principles used here work together to make the article really consumable and scannable.