In late July 2021, I was very pleased to be able to share the story of The TYPO3 Guidebook, and how we channelled the expertise of an open source community to create a cohesive work.


This was Day 3 of the TYPO3 Online Days program, which saw almost all community events moving online due to the pandemic.

It was a pleasure and privilege for me to be able to take part in this event and speak to the community. I am also very grateful to Olivier Dobberkau for handling Q&A since it was a live event that I couldn’t attend due to the tyranny of timezones.

Channel community knowledge into a book

This is a great story about developer relations and developer advocacy. We were able to capture the expertise of the designers, engineers, and experts in the TYPO3 community and weave their story into a cohesive whole.

This is now an asset for TYPO3 (all book proceeds go back into the community) which will serve to introduce the CMS to newcomers, and broaden its reach to an international audience. Growing the community, increasing contributions and expanding the user base.

Watch it

Buy it, Share it, Review it

You can buy the book at all good bookstores (for example, Amazon), and in the TYPO3 Shop.

Talk about the book on Twitter with the hashtag #TYPO3Guidebook

Check out the GitHub code repo, and join the conversation on TYPO3 Slack in the #typo3book channel.