Here is a round-up of some podcasts (and one YouTuber) that I’m particularly enjoying right now.


This new-ish tech writing podcast by Alex Fiedler is really easy to listen to. It’s scoped as tech writing for start-ups, and framed as being for the Israel tech comm market but it is totally relatable and I think it transcends geographic boundaries. It isn’t over-produced and I really hope Alex maintains his momentum and continues to push out episodes.


Sustain’s Let’s Talk Docs

Tech comm celebs Portia Burton and Eric Holscher host this podcast with ten episodes out at the time of writing. These folks bring industry knowledge and tech comm insight to their interviews with big names in the industry.

🎧 Let’s Talk Docs

Inside Tech Comm with Zohra Mutabanna

I’ve only caught the last couple of these, but Zohra has a lovely manner, and impresses me every time with her active listening skills. She’s an empathetic interviewer which makes these podcasts really enjoyable to listen to.

🎧 Inside Tech Comm

Amruta Ranade’s YouTube channel

Amruta has been doing a sterling job for a while now, plugging away at creating authentic content on her YouTube channel. It’s a really personal journey and both novice and experienced tech writers can find helpful content on her channel, “Tech. Writing. Life.”

🎥 Amruta Ranade on YouTube

Need more?

If you’re looking for more to listen to, Tom Johnson has a dedicated page with a comprehensive list of other tech comm podcasts on his website, I’d Rather Be Writing.

Image credits: Knit unicorn headset cover photo by Briana K Designs.