I’m pleased to see an ever-increasing amount of content being created by tech writers for tech writers.

Here are three tech writing blogs that you might not know about.

Everything Technical Writing

For newer TWs and those finding their feet in the craft, check out Linda Ikechukwu’s blog. Linda works hard to publish a lot of content, and here you’ll find a range of resources including interviews, checklists and techniques.

📰 EverythingTechnicalWriting.com

Ask me about API docs

For mid-level tech writers and developers who write, check out Clarence Cromwell who writes on Substack. Clarence writes really clearly, and here you’ll find useful, practical advice on tech writing.

📰 Ask me about API docs

Passo Uno

For experienced tech writers, check out Fabrizio Ferri Benedetti’s blog. Fabrizio writes more broadly about the craft of tech writing, and voices commentary about the discipline more broadly. Why I like it: it’s got opinions! Fabrizio isn’t afraid to speak his mind, and it’s often very topical.

📰 Pass Uno

Need more?

If you’re looking for more technical writing content to consume, add some podcasts to your feed.

Image credits: Coffee and croissant photo by Sofiya Levchenko on Unsplash.