A year of learnin’ and growin’. This year I decided to slow down. It took me many months to wake up to the pace I was moving at. A great book (Essentialism) helped me jettison the things that weren’t serving me.

Open source


  • Contributed in the Content Team as an editor and writer. We had a bumper year, publishing over 100 community-contributed articles.
  • Officially stepped away from the Documentation Team.
  • Continued my community membership in the TYPO3 Association.
  • Was invited to be a member of the TYPO3 awards jury panel for T3CON23. It was a great experience!

The Good Docs Project

  • Co-led the Content Strategy Working Group, and was involved in a few other working groups across the project (style guide, template audit, and blog).
  • Consciously stepped away from contributing to this project in June. It was a great decision for me.
  • I’m on the steering committee and continue to do socials on LinkedIn.

Open Strategy Partners

I spent another year working with Open Strategy Partners. I get to work with awesome clients, learn from smart colleagues, do interesting stuff, and meet fun people. This year we got into SEO-based briefs and wrote lots of longer form articles. I interviewed people for our podcast, Communicate, Connect, Grow. We continued our practice of gratitude and I’m grateful that OSP offers psychological safety so that we can make mistakes and learn from them.

Books I’ve read


Writing & editing


  • I started contributing as an editor in this writers’ collective. The minimum requirement is to edit three pieces a month and I average about five. It’s been thoroughly enjoyable and I get to edit a wide variety of content across multiple genres.
  • I earned 100 ‘Thanks’ tokens in the first month (yay!) and I’m working steadily towards getting my first paycheck.
  • Participated in Season 3 The Artisan’s Way and had my mind blown.

Technical Writing Process book

My website flicstar.com

  • Migrated all my Hashnode blog content to flicstar.com. Still need to decommission that!
  • Worked out how to use my blog categories. Moved my About page to the front.
  • Shared blog posts on social media (again) and was more active and involved on LinkedIn.
  • Continued to build and engage with my network.