This year I joined Foster as a contributor. Foster is a writers collective who are assembled around a GDocs Chrome extension that allows authors access to real-life editors and collaborators. Writers get timely feedback from experts. Contributors (like me) get the joy of editing, and working with other editors and writers to help make a piece of writing the best it can be.

I’ve always loved collaborative writing, and editing is my all-time favorite activity! Foster has given me the opportunity to stretch my muscles to work on different types of writing outside my daily bread-and-butter at Open Strategy Partners. Since January, I’ve edited a mix of fiction and non-fiction including personal essays, LinkedIn posts, Twitter short stories, a white paper, and even poetry! Topics have ranged from business to personal and I’ve been privileged to read authors’ thoughts on a variety of topics such as personal growth, travel, medical marijuana, reflections on grief, NFTs, classical music and taking sabbaticals.

I’ve loved the variety and challenge so far, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

📝 Check out the manifesto: The Future of Writing is Social

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